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Warta Insurance and Reinsurance Company was established in 1920.

Since then, it's been setting standards on the Polish insurance market.

The Company is one of the largest and oldest insurance companies in Poland.

With 100 years of experience, Warta wanted to outline the bold future of insurance services.

Lead UI/UX Designer




Katarzyna Jezierska-Krupa



Design a customer-friendly application integrated with the claim adjustment management system.

Thanks to the application, you should check what is happening in your case and quickly communicate with the insurer.


We started the project with an extensive discovery phase.

We decided to use mostly quantitative and qualitative research methods — Customer Interviews, Market Research Analysis, Customer Journey, User Testing, Google Analytics, and Hotjar data.

We had to learn more about the customers, their habits, their needs, and their struggles.

An app for all Warta customers managing their claims

The app covers all individual claims — road assistance, home/property, travel or personal, etc.

It's enough to have a modern smartphone to use the application.

A link to the store to download the free app is sent to the customer by the consultant dealing with the claim.


So, let's get it all started

When an unpleasant situation happened to you, you download the app and report your damage to the hotline.


Check your claim status

If you have reported more than one claim — you will see a summary of all your claims here.



It is your navigation axis with all the steps and tasks needed to be done to have a successful claim resolution.


Remote visual inspection

After choosing a convenient date, the Warta employee will conduct a remote inspection of the damage.


Built-in messenger

A safe, fast communicator, thanks to which the operator will prepare all the documentation needed to close your claim.


Settlement proposal

When the processing is completed, Warta will prepare a settlement proposal and the valuation of your damage.

You can accept it and withdraw your money immediately.

You can also reject it and propose your terms.


Document repository

All documents necessary to close the damage can be found in the app.

All your uploaded files are also here.


A few little things

If you scroll long enough, you will see the estimated date of resolving your case as well as some insurance trivia.

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