A century of tradition — protecting what truly matters to you

Founded in 1920, Warta Insurance and Reinsurance Company has been a trailblazer in the Polish insurance industry.

As one of Poland's largest and most venerable insurance firms, Warta boasts a century-long legacy.

With this wealth of experience, the company aims to shape the future of insurance services in a bold and innovative manner.

Lead Product Designer

2020 — 2021


Katarzyna Jezierska-Krupa, Wiktoria Jamróz, Weronika Kaczmarek, Mateusz Karski



Before we could begin designing a solution, we first needed to understand the problem.

The challenge was not just to create a user-friendly and universally accessible website, but to demystify the complex world of insurance for our users.

We aimed to ensure that the website was available and compatible across all devices, could adapt to user context, and used clear, straightforward language to explain the different insurance products.

To grasp the full extent of this challenge, we spent time understanding Warta's business goals, the competitive landscape, and the needs and behaviors of the users. This helped us define the success criteria for the project and set measurable goals.


The discovery phase allowed us to explore the problem space in depth.

We conducted customer interviews to understand the user's perspective on insurance services and to identify their pain points. Market research helped us understand industry standards and identify opportunities for innovation.

We used customer journey mapping to understand the user's interactions with the insurance services, from the first point of contact to the purchase and beyond. This gave us insight into the moments of truth that could make or break the user experience.

User testing, Google Analytics, and Hotjar data provided us with quantitative data about user behavior on the existing website, helping us identify areas for improvement.

Straight to the point

You can jump to the lead cycle directly from the main website.

You can purchase the most popular and most important insurance product in Poland in just a few clicks.

Flexible and responsive website

Picture yourself in a situation where you've just experienced a minor accident, and you need to promptly call for assistance and report the damage. What device do you have at hand?

Naturally, it's a mobile phone.

For this reason, we crafted a website that not only appears visually appealing on all devices but also adapts contextually to the situation, ensuring practicality.

Find your Agent

Warta's agents are the primary and main sales channel.

That is why we have designed a solution that allows customers to quickly find an Agent nearby.

And it works on mobile too!


Enhance User Experience

Simplify the interface and improve navigation to make it more user-friendly.


24% Improved User Satisfaction

Positive feedback from users on the new interface.

Increase Customer Engagement

Develop features that encourage users to interact more frequently with the platform. 

49% Higher Engagement

Increased time spent on the platform and higher interaction rates with new features.


Boost Conversion Rates

Streamline the process of purchasing insurance to increase the number of completed transactions.

273% Increased Conversions

Significant rise in the number of insurance policies purchased through the platform.


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