PSD2 Connected — advancing open banking through modern solutions

The modern open banking platform — omnichannel concept framework that offers a wide range of banking features.

The platform provides convenience to the customer thanks to advanced technology, tons of data, and modern UX and UI tailored to be a daily banking companion.

Lead UI/UX Designer


Getin Bank



Design a platform that covers two key areas — security and connectivity

It should be aligned with the Payment Services Directive  — offers enhanced security through SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) and enables third-party access to account information, providing a framework for new payment and account services.


We started the project with an extensive discovery phase.

We decided to use mostly quantitative and qualitative research methods — Customer Interviews, Market Research Analysis, Customer Journey, User Testing.

We had to learn more about the customers, their habits, their needs, and their struggles.

New Banking Experience

Clean Information Architecture provides customers with an overview of their assets. With Strong Customer Authentication, users can connect all their banking accounts to one dashboard.

The smart notification framework offers the customers with useful suggestions that allow them to automate operations they use the most often.

Smart yet straightforward Personal Finance Manager gives an overview of all assets and the unique spending pattern of each customer.

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