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Daily Banking



Getin Noble Bank is the second biggest bank controlled by Polish capital

Retail banking services are represented by the Getin Bank brand that caters to individual clients who expect reliable financial products and simplified procedures.

My role

Head UX, UI Designer


2016 – 2018


Getin Bank


Design an app for a daily use by thousands of customers

Bank comfortably wherever you are, whoever you are and on any mobile device, you use.


Simple & clean

Secure & accessible


We started the project with an extensive discovery phase

We decided to use mostly quantitative and qualitative research methods. We had to learn more about the customers, their habits, their needs, and their struggles.

Customer Interviews

Market Research Analysis

Customer Journey


Information Architecture

User Testing

Getin Mobile

Convenient mobile application for iOS and Android

It offers customers quick and secure payments, a transparent balance and expenditure review, mobile authorization of operations, secure management of debit and credit cards, and much more.


Easy sign in

Once you are granted a loan your account is created automatically, and you can sign in with OTP. Fast and secure.


An offer tailored to your needs

When Monedo recognizes your profile, a personalized product is ready for you to check it. Smart.


An accessible overview

Once you sign in, you can see a dashboard will all your current and past financial products. Clean and visible.


All the details in one place

At Monedo, transparency is put above it all. You can access all your details with ease. Fairly.


Clean repayment plan

As a customer, I'd like to know when and how much should I pay to avoid any consequences. There you have it.


Appreciated by the users

Nearly 50.000 customers downloaded the app and are using the app daily.


Appreciated with prestigious awards

This project made it to the Newsweek's podium two times in a row.

Newsweek's Friendly Bank

2nd place, Internet Banking, 2018

Newsweek's Friendly Bank

1st place, Internet Banking, 2017

Six more things

Let's collaborate

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